Book a Try On

Try on designer dresses for a small cost at our Castle Hill site, located minutes from Castle Towers. 

Please note, bookings are non refundable. However, if you proceed to hire an outfit with us, the try on fee will be deducted from the hire price. 

Each booking is approx. 30 minutes for 1 person. We recommend a maximum of 8 dresses to be tried on within this time. 

Once the try on has been booked, we will be in touch via email to determine which outfits you are wanting to try, as we well as provide you with the try on address (located in Castle Hill). 

We are only able to offer try ons with the stock that is available. If you are wanting to try a specific outfit, please get in touch prior to booking to check if it will be in stock. 

Postage Try Ons: To organise a postage try on please email us at