Do you want to make money from your dresses?

So many of us buy a brand new outfit, wear it once and then leave it to collect dust in the back of our wardrobe :( 

Hills Shire Hire is offering you the opportunity to consign your garments with us, and get paid each time your garments is rented, without the stress of renting it yourself.

How does this work? 

Hills Shire Hire is accepting of all sizes and styles that have an RRP of $100 or more and is in new or excellent condition. Unfortunately, if your outfit does not meet these standards or is not one that is likely to rent often with our customer base, Hills Shire Hire may decline consignments. 

The outfit/s will be sent to us, and we will keep ahold of them within our stock to assist us in rent them out on your behalf.

If you know the RRP or have the original receipt, please send this through so we can determine a price based on the original selling price.  

Our consignment agreement is reviewed on a quarterly basis, and such, your outfit/s will be listed on our website for a 3-month period. During this time, You must not list your garment anywhere for sale or rent while consigning with Hills Shire Hire. After the 3-month period, we will decide how well your item has been rented and will either ask if you want to extend the consignment or we will return your dress to you. 

As a consigner, you will earn 60% of the rental price. For each outfit rented, you will be sent a bank transfer of the funds you are owed. 

To consign your dress/s with us, please be aware that we will need to know the following information: 

- Brand 

- RRP 

- Size 

- Colour 

- Any photos you have 


If you are interested in consigning an outfit with us, send us an email: